The Third Pillar – Governance and Accountability

The Situation

The people want a leadership that is sensitive to their needs.  The people do not want to be lorded over.  Globally, leadership trends are shifting toward rewarding organic leadership and punishing imposed leadership.  Guatemala elected a Jimmy Morales, a comedian, an outsider in politics in a development seen as voters imposing their sovereign power and rejecting status quo.  In America, outsider Donald Trump was elected president pulling a stunning surprise on the established order in Washington.  Dagoretti South is ready for organically grown, organically developed and people sensitive leadership that is sensitive to a people’s needs.

The leader ought to promote cohesion and not division.  The people are keen to have leadership that is transparent, honest and diligent.  A dispensation that values the virtue of integrity in word and deed.


“Hope ya nation ni new generation” – Ukoo Flani MauMau

The Kenya Constitution 2010 is premised on the principle of sovereign power belonging to the people.  The people choose whether to exercise this power directly or indirectly through their elected and appointed leaders.  The sovereign power in Dagoretti South belongs to the citizens.  The only choose to exercise this power through elected and appointed officials.  As such, leaders are servants of the people.  Public servants in the purest definition of the word.  The leaders are accountable to the electorate.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Ensure that all persons serving in the constituency office are qualified, hired on merit and are adequately vetted to meet the requirements of chapter six of the constitution.

  • Cooperate with relevant government bodies for training of public officers on matters integrity, key performance indicator performance and governance.
  • Make corruption at the constituency office very unattractive by meting out the maximum penalty for impropriety, unscrupulous business dealings and fraud – dismissal and prosecution.
  • Ensure public participation in transaction of public affairs in Dagoretti South Constituency.
  • Institute a robust communication strategy that ensures public affairs transacted on behalf of the constituents are properly and effectively communicated to the public with clear lines of feedback, critic and ensuring public monitoring.
  • Utilise internet, mobile telephony and smart phone technology to channel relevant public information and allow feedback.
  • Drain the swamp.