The Second Pillar – Growth and Development

Trade and Business

The Situation

Dagoretti South Constituency is gifted with talented and committed traders, business people and entrepreneurs of great repute.  Ranging from small scale traders and hawkers, to small business entrepreneurs to transport industry practitioners to agribusiness people, to the famous livestock traders, meat and livestock product traders, sports, media, information technology practitioners and everything else in between.

Capital restrictions, entrepreneurial training and development, unplanned business premises, underdeveloped community markets and urban planning problems are some of the challenges stifling the growth of trade and business in Dagoretti South Constituency.

The Opportunity

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” – Milton Berle

Our Constituency stands to benefit from its God given positioning.  Dagoretti South is part country and part city – the best of both worlds.  We can exploit traditionally rural economic activities of agriculture and animal husbandry while also taking advantage of the ready and available city market.  We have a rich culture and heritage that we can also commodify for trade purposes.  The greatest asset remains our people who would benefit greatly from well structured, Constituency sponsored trade, business, vocational and entrepreneurial training and development.



As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Form the Dagoretti South Constituency Chamber of Trade and Commerce.
  • Commission the first ever Dagoretti Business, Trade and Business Blueprint Document.
  • Encourage a “Buy Dagoretti, Build Dagoretti” policy that will be strictly adhered to in the Constituency projects’ procurement and maintenance to benefit local Dagoretti South businesses.
  • Facilitate for the initiation of specific actions toward the mechanization, motorization, commoditization and value addition of products in our Dagoretti South slaughter houses and abattoirs.
  • Deepen Dagoretti South’s ties with our traditional trading partners and markets in neighboring constituencies and counties by hosting structured seasonal trade fairs.
  • Push and support in Parliament efforts to expedite the East Africa integration process to nationally facilitate free movement of labour, goods and services while locally encouraging our constituents to take trade advantage of this developments.
  • Push for and support in Parliament Kenya’s steps toward the removal of tariff and non-tariff trade barriers for national benefit of all Kenyans and specific benefit of our Dagoretti South citizens.

Arts, Sports and Culture

The Situation

Dagoretti South Constituency is the home of legends.  Many thespians, writers, fashionistas, media practitioners, great footballers, legendary boxers, national coaches and referees claim Dagoretti South as the place they honed their talents.  The greatest threat to talent development in this constituency is the twin tragedy of grabbing of existing community social amenities and the blind eye historically turned to the cry for structured development of talents.

Investment in Talent development has read more…

Health Care

The Situation

Dagoretti South Constituency is currently quite far away from boasting of universal accessibility to affordable quality health care.  Our health facilities are stretched beyond capacity.  While the healthcare function squarely falls with the Nairobi City County government, there are a number of things that can be done within the constituency to improve our people’s health and wellness.

Owing to the fact that Health is a county function our agenda will be limited to pushing for the county to fulfil its mandate on matters of curative health.  However, curative health is only one part of human wellness.  There is much we can do on the prevention of disease, fitness, lifestyle, and wellness information front.

The Opportunity

“The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The National and County government can benefit greatly from our active involvement and partnership to ensure proper implementation of their health interventions.  I will be committed to lend this helping hand.

On prevention I will preside over a sustained, active wellness operation of building, motivating and training networks of volunteer health workers, midwives and wellness champions.

Of great importance too will be our efforts of bringing more and better quality water to Dagoretti South Citizens.  Environmental cleanliness will be a sustained campaign championed in neighbourhoods to create disease-free environments.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Actively promote information dissemination on NHIF and actively drive NHIF registration and recruitment.
  • Encourage and facilitate for Doctors and Medical practitioners in Dagoretti South Constituency to give back to the society that brought them up and educated them by conducting regular Medical, Health and Wellness Clinics in all the five wards of Dagoretti South Constituency.

  • Encourage private entities and local businesses to partner in health facility upgrades.
  • Reward well performing community Health and Wellness Workers and Volunteers.
  • Partner with private sector and individuals of goodwill to conduct periodic events with opportunity for onward referrals to appropriate hospitals for free screening and diagnostic services for chronic conditions including renal ailments, cancer and diabetes.
  • Encourage at Constituency functions and barazas the promotion of lifestyle that ensures better nutrition, exclusive breastfeeding, eating traditional foods, and cultivation of kitchen gardens among our people.
  • Promote a culture of general good lifestyle choices of active lifestyle and personal exercise, eating good nutritious foods avoiding unhealthy fast foods, avoiding excessive, alcohol, cigarettes and harmful substance abuse.
  • Partner with Dagoretti Water bowser business people to provide affordable water to informal settlements awaiting resolution of Nairobi City water situation.


The Situation

Education is a shared function.  The Kenya national government and Nairobi City County governments have their role to play and so do the individual constituencies.  Schools and institutions of learning are faced with a myriad of challenges that are having a direct impact on the quality of education and reflecting in the exam results.  Key among these challenges are: run down or inadequate facilities and structures, poorly equipped classrooms, laboratories,   Read more…

Youth Empowerment

The Situation

The young people in Dagoretti South suffer the same predicaments that plague the youth in Kenya.  Top on this list is the high unemployment rate.  National statistics indicate that 70% of all unemployed Kenyans fall in the youth bracket.  The statistics indicate that 92% of the unemployed youth have some form of formal education but do not have the relevant skills required to be meaningfully engaged.  This is a serious indictment to education system that is not geared toward the market demand.

The Opportunity

“It is a revolutionary world that we live in,” and “it is the young people who must take the lead.” – Robert F Kennedy

The energy, brilliance, innovation and passion of the youth is a great asset which if well harnessed and utilized would be a great boost to the well being of Dagoretti South Constituency.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Champion the continued establishment of technology centres in all the five wards to empower young Dagoretti South citizens with effective and relevant ICT skills.

  • Within the first year, undertake a Dagoretti South audit of skills and competencies. Develop a constituency skills database that will ease rationalization and matching of available skill against available opportunities.  The register will make it possible to match available labour to willing employers or available projects and business opportunities.


  • Promote talent identification in schools within the constituency and aligning brilliant talent to relevant role models for mentorship.
  • Streamline and facilitate process of individual and youth group registration and incubation with the aim of maximizing the utilization of available national and county youth enterprise development financing to youth businesses.
  • Establish a fully fledged fully equipped youth innovation centre at the Dagoretti South Empowerment centre to incubate innovation ideas and support the highly creative youth in Dagoretti South with the plan to eventually roll out the same to every ward.

Women Empowerment

The Situation

The Kenya constitution (2010) sought to protect the rights of the Kenyan women and reverse cultural and historical injustices against the members of the fairer gender.  This benefits are yet to be fully realized and as such women in Dagoretti South constituency are still getting the short end of the stick.  From discrimination and shortchanging in the family to business to opportunities.


The Opportunity

“Imagine if you have a team and you don’t let half of the team play.  That’s stupid. That makes no sense.” – Barack Obama

Being that they form half of the population, the lofty ideas of success and the grand vision we have for Dagoretti South Constituency will not be realized if we don’t fully engage our girls and women in realizing them.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Fully implement the “one third gender rule” in all Dagoretti South constituency and ward offices appointments to ensure that at least 33% of all appointees are women.
  • Promote and support girl education through the constituency education department initiatives.
  • Increased civic and civil rights education in informal barazas to help promote family and community protection of women’s rights and address matters of gender based and domestic violence.
  • Encourage the involvement of micro-finance institutions housed in Dagoretti South constituency with the local women groups with the aim of financial literacy and entrepreneurship programmes.
  • Promote the growth of the table banking concept among the women.

Social Protection

The Situation

There are constituents who are disadvantaged by their social, age, mental or physical condition.  While a sizeable number struggle to survive below the poverty line, this special groups are dealt a not so good a card by their conditions.

The Opportunity

“The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break it.”  – Stanislaw Lec

Our empowerment of these special groups is a responsibility and should not be reduced to mere erratic acts of charity.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Champion and support in parliament legislative framework to place cash transfers for the needy through a social protection programme payments system.

  • Form a constituency committee for the protection and promotion of the rights of the aged.
  • Aggressively promote mass registration to NSSF in the constituency.
  • Work with the Dagoretti South Water and Sanitation business people to guarantee water supplies to all people living informal settlements in Dagoretti South Constituency.
  • Include and promote participation of people living with disability in decision making.
  • Promote and facilitate efforts to make all public offices, schools and institutions accessible to people living with disability.