The First Pillar – Inclusivity and Unity

My leadership will not only seek to involve all Dagoretti South Constituents in the creation of a better constituency for all but will definitely not segregate anyone on the basis of tribe, religion, origin, ability or disability, age, gender, economic status, family background, race or creed.

I believe in one Dagoretti South Constituency free from discrimination, one people, one mission – to make a better constituency for all.  My aim is to preside over a leadership that inspires the diffusion of tensions and rivalry and to unite all Dagoretti South Citizens.


The Situation

Historical and systemic exclusion in the past have left increasing numbers of Dagoretti South Constituents disenfranchised.  Their collective potential and contribution has been wasted.  Past politics of division along ethnic, gender, age and economic classes have brewed a culture of intolerance perfect for incubation all manner of social ills.The ticking social crisis time bomb explodes in the form of poverty, hopelessness and insecurity.

The Opportunity

“Kamuingi koyaga ndīrī” – Together we can, Unity is Strength

Dagoretti South enjoys a colourful blend of beautiful, talented and diverse peoples from all walks of life with great potential of building the model constituency in Kenya.  Dagoretti South Constituency has a rich and deep history and has made its more than fair share of contribution to Kenya’s history.  Dagoretti South Constituency has produced Kenya’s finest in all spheres of life – Politics, Society and Economics.  Great leaders of note in this country trace their routes or have had a sojourn in this great constituency.  Leading minds in academia, sports and industry have been born, harboured or incubated in Dagoretti South Constituency.

I believe that if our diversity is well utilized, our people are the greatest asset and greatest resource we have.  It is our Dagoretti South, to build, regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Preside over an all inclusive administration of public affairs involving all communities and exercise affirmative action to ensure that the underprivileged especially the minority communities, women, youth and the disabled are properly represented and that their voice is heard.


The Situation

With a marked increase of disenfranchised youth and jobless people, unplanned development and sprouting of informal settlements, Nairobi in general and Dagoretti South in particular has witness increased cases of insecurity.

The opportunity


“To believe in a just law of cause and effect, carrying with it a punishment or reward, is to believe in righteousness” – Earnest Holmes

Insecurity could be a symptom pointing us to a deeper root cause that ought to be addressed.  A holistic approach that encompasses empowering and developing the youth, working towards better urban planning, equipping and assisting security officers and partnering with County and National Security Arms of government is needed.

As Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South I will:

  • Aid National Government’s efforts in securing Dagoretti South
  • Aid National Government’s efforts of intelligence mining
  • Facilitate structured community involvement in neighbourhood watch initiatives.
  • Push for legislation in Parliament that strengthens “Buy Kenyan” procurement and maintenance sub-contracting policy in security to support domestic businesses.
  • Explore Public Private Partnerships to aid, equip and modernize security facilities within Dagoretti South Constituency.
  • Push for and or support legislation in Parliament that fast tracks the improvement of police pay and conditions of service.
  • Facilitate Constituency sponsored legal aid for needy and underprivileged constituents.
  • Promote tenets of family values to weaken the roots of crime and foster harmony by upholding social justice, fairness and equitable distribution of resources.
  • Support in Parliament efforts to rationalize national security budgets and subjecting of procurement of security equipment and services to public scrutiny and oversight mechanisms and ensuring of competitive bidding in order to promote transparency and eliminate wastage.