My Agenda

This agenda is primarily for the period 2017 – 2022 under the leadership of John Kiarie Waweru as the Member of Parliament for Dagoretti South Constituency.

My agenda is premised on three core pillars of :  Inclusivity, Growth, Accountability

Kuhusisha – Read more..

Kukuza –  Read more..

Kuwajibika – Read more..

8 thoughts on “My Agenda

  1. I was not wrong by declaring you to be my next mp. Manifesto imeongeza icing on the cake. Waiting to confirm on 8/8.

  2. I have listened th kuhusisha article with reason,this is going to revive th UN Neighbourhood Volunteers prog.Distinction

  3. Listen to reason,for this is the season to have our best intentions.Be cautious with right opionions.Vote 4 KJ’s vision

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